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12 Step Sponsorship: Do you need a recovery sponsor?

04-23-2023Recovery Tools

From the first time many of us entered the rooms of recovery and 12 step support groups, we heard people talking about their sponsors, their sponsees, and how valuable those relationships can be. It’s common to wonder whether a 12 step sponsor is a necessary part of the recovery process.

The role of a 12 step sponsor is to guide us through the process of the 12 steps. A sponsor is typically a sober individual who is active in their recovery and has worked or is currently working the 12 Steps. Additionally, they provide their sponsees with support and experience on the many issues that arise through the recovery process.

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How Does Peer Pressure Affect Drug Use in Adolescents

04-18-2023Recovery Tools

While there are many factors involved in the decisions that young people make, we find that some of the most significant remained the same over the years. Peer pressure is, and always has been, one of the most significant factors in the decisions teens and young adults make.

Peer pressure plays a significant role in influencing the behavior of teens. The desire to fit in with their peers and gain social acceptance can drive adolescents to engage in risky behaviors such as substance use, even if they may initially find the idea unappealing.

However, there is a less discussed form of peer pressure, known as positive peer pressure. In this article, we’ll discuss both kinds of peer pressure, and provide some practical solutions for parents to utilize as they work with their teens to navigate these trying years.

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Why 90 Meetings in 90 Days?

02-04-2023Recovery Tools

Breaking free of addiction and substance abuse is very tough business, and one of the most common pieces of advice to many newcomers is to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. This is a seemingly tall order, but what's the point? Turns out, there are very good reasons to consider your 90 in 90:

Attending 90 meetings in 90 days is a common recommendation for newly sober individuals. This intensive schedule of support can provide numerous benefits to help sustain early recovery. First, it helps establish a strong support network of lasting connections among peers in recovery. Second, it provides a structured routine to replace old habits. Third, it offers the opportunity to learn from the experiences and wisdom of others in the program, as well as the opportunity to share one's own journey.


90 Days Clean and Sober: Benefits, and what to expect

12-20-2022Recovery Tools

If you’ve succeeded in getting 30 days sober, then the next major milestone in recovery is 90 days sober. Congratulations on the progress you’ve made so far! This is a major milestone and something to be celebrated. It’s important to remember that recovery is a lifelong process, but the first 90 days of addiction recovery can set the foundation for long-term success.

Being sober for 90 days can bring a number of benefits, both for physical and mental health. Family relationships are often beginning to improve, and relationships with peers in recovery will begin to feel more solid.


30 Days Sober: The first major milestone in recovery

11-02-2022Recovery Tools

One of our favorite things as a recovery program is seeing the light come back on in a person’s eyes after they’ve attained some success in recovery. Despite an individual’s life circumstances, this moment often starts around 30 days sober.

We see it day in and day out in our own programs, as well as in local 12 step meetings we attend. Family members see it too, and they make comments to us about it all the time. Interestingly enough, we’ve noticed that often the newcomers themselves are the last people to notice the change. It reminds us of one of the classic passages in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous:

“Quite often friends of the newcomer are aware of the difference long before he is himself. He finally realizes that he has undergone a profound alteration in his reaction to life; that such a change could hardly have been brought about by himself alone.”
— Alcoholics Anonymous, Pg 567


4 Powerful Reasons You Should Have Fun in Recovery

09-29-2022Recovery Tools

When people first get sober, they often worry about how they will have fun without alcohol or drugs. This is a totally valid concern! After all, drugs and alcohol were the primary source of fun for almost all of us when we were using substances or in active addiction. Anonymous surveys of teens have continually shown the most commonly cited reason for substance abuse among youth is “to have fun” (42% For many of us, our friendships, tastes in music / movies, and social lives revolved around drugs and getting high.

This is why it’s important to stress the importance of fun in recovery, whether you're in your first 30 days of sobriety or you've been around the recovery world for 20 years! In this article, we will discuss five reasons why you should have fun in sobriety.