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overwhelmed woman in sobriety

What to Do When Sobriety Loses Its Priority

12-21-2023Recovery Tools

We’ve all been there. Whether we’re in our first 30 days of recovery or we’ve got multiple years of long term recovery, we’ve all gotten “off the beam” at some point. So, what should we do when sobriety loses its priority?

Just what do we mean by this? Generally, it means that “life” has happened! We’ve gotten busy at work, we’ve become bogged down in schoolwork, we’ve become stressed about money, or perhaps a romantic relationship has taken the “number one” spot in our lives.

teen in fear hiding on couch

F.E.A.R. in Recovery: False Evidence Appearing Real

12-16-2023Recovery Tools

One of the most common topics discussed in recovery is the topic of managing fear. Emerging from the haze of drug and alcohol use leaves most of us with a lot of pieces to pick up, and it often feels impossible at first. One of our favorite ways to work through this is to use the acronym for F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real.

False Evidence Appearing Real is an acronym suggesting that we perceive threats or dangers as real or imminent, even in the absence of concrete evidence or when the evidence is distorted.