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Rock Bottom Is When You Stop Digging

03-21-2024Recovery Tools

We’ve all heard the saying that you need to hit your rock bottom before we truly change. The phrase can be helpful, but it’s common to wonder what “rock bottom” really means, and why it varies so much from person to person.

The phrase "rock bottom is when you stop digging" conveys the idea that our situation begins to improve when we stop taking self-destructive actions.

feeling depressed without drugs

How to Feel Better Without Drugs or Alcohol

03-01-2024Recovery Tools

When we first sober up, and sometimes into longer-term sobriety, we all go through natural ups and downs. However, sometimes we’re struck with feelings of depression or regret that we can’t shake.

When we’ve relied on mind-changing chemicals as our sole source of relief for an extended period of time, the fear that we won’t ever be happy again can be incredibly potent.

One of the most common concerns we hear from newcomers is, “will I ever feel happy without drugs?”

Whether you've been sober for a while or whether you've just hit rock bottom, it can be tough to regain emotional stability after using drugs and alcohol regularly. In this article, we’ll focus directly on actions we can take to feel better without drugs.