Young Adult / Teen Recovery Program in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte FullCircle Program

Address: 3151 Apex Dr, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC
Phone: (704) 840-5339
Hours: Mon – Fri 10am to 5pm
Directions: Located just off Sharon Rd., opposite the main / valet entrance to the SouthPark Mall.


Drug and Alcohol Support Groups for Teens and Young Adults

Welcome to The FullCircle Program! We offer no-cost substance abuse support groups for young people and their families. We specialize in adolescent recovery, high-risk behaviors, and approaching the issue of substance use from a whole-family perspective.

We firmly believe that for young adult and adolescent recovery to stick, it must be better than getting high. Our core approach is based around making sobriety more fun and rewarding than using drugs and alcohol.

The FullCircle Program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Weekly Services

Benefits of the FullCircle Program’s Young Adult & Adolescent Support Groups

Young people typically report when they quit drugs that their biggest fear is that they won’t have fun anymore without drugs. Our programs address this problem very directly, while incorporating time-tested 12-step principles for recovery.

Our support groups for young adults and teens are aimed to help adolescents and young adults who need to:

  • Learn to have fun without drugs and alcohol
  • Disconnect from peers who use drugs
  • Develop new, lasting friendships with sober young people

Additionally, our programs have been very successful serving as:

  • A full-featured long-term aftercare program after a stay in an adolescent treatment center or addiction treatment program
  • An adjunct to other therapy for mental health issues, substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders

Quitting drugs is a tall order, especially for young people! Our goal is to provide the young people we work with the best possible shot at staying sober, while assisting their families in gaining the tools to respond to their young person as they go through their recovery process.

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Staff Contacts

If you know which staff member you would like to reach directly, use the contact information below:

Ben StincerCharlotte Program Director
Jaxon SavajianCoordinator470-253-7335