Drug Abuse Support Groups for Teens and Young Adults in Overland Park, KS

Kansas City FullCircle Program

Address: 16068 Foster St., Overland Park, KS 66085
Phone: (913) 609-0943
Hours: Mon – Fri: 11am to 6pm
Directions: Behind the QuikTrip on 159th and 69 highway.


Drug and Alcohol Support Groups for Young Adults and Teens

The FullCircle Program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that offers staff-facilitated drug and alcohol support groups for teens (age 13-17) and young adults (age 18-25). Our core philosophy is that for sobriety to take hold in a young person, it must be better than getting high!

We offer 12-step program meetings, sober social activities, and parent support group meetings at no-cost to our local Overland Park / Kansas City families and at-risk youth.

Our programs are centered on helping teens maintain sobriety, learn to have fun without drugs, create positive peer relationships, and develop coping skills for any mental health issues that arise through the process.

Weekly Services

Kansas City FullCircle’s main 12 step meeting room.
The front door to the FullCircle Program’s Overland Park, KS office
An office chair in the head counselor’s office with a slogan that reads, 'Do all things with love.'


Benefits of the FullCircle Program’s Young Adult and Adolescent Support Groups

Young people getting sober most often report that one of their primary concerns when they quit drugs is that they will no longer be able to have fun without drugs. FullCircle’s programs are build to address this problem, while teaching 12-step recovery principles and practical emotional coping skills.

Our support groups for young adults and teens are best suited for young people who need to:

  • Learn to have fun without drugs and alcohol
  • Disconnect from peers who use drugs
  • Develop new, lasting friendships with sober young people

Additionally, our young adult and teen recovery programs are a perfect adjunct to other treatments a young person may be participating in. Our support groups are perfect for people who need:

  • A full-featured long-term aftercare program after a stay in an higher level of care or addiction treatment program
  • An adjunct to outside therapy or treatment plans for substance use disorders or co-occuring disorders from mental health professionals

For adolescent recovery to work in the long-term, it’s essential to provide young people with vital peer support that they can continue to utilize for many years to come. As a program, our primary goal is to provide the best possible chance of success for young people, while also supporting their families on their journey.

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Staff Contacts

If you know which staff member you would like to reach directly, use the contact information below:

Max MullerKansas City Program Director816-651-2126
Anna HrvatinAdministrator913-609-0943