Drug and Alcohol Support Groups for Young Adults

Our support groups are designed to help young adults struggling with drug and alcohol abuse find the support they need to overcome their substance use problems. These support groups are specifically tailored to address the needs of young adults age 18-25, providing them with a safe environment to share experiences, receive guidance, and develop vital peer relationships.

Support for young adult specific issues

Support for young adults abusing drugs can be hard to find – many programs simply focus on teens or adults.

Young adults (over 18) who are quitting drugs and alcohol differ from teens. They generally do drugs longer and experience greater consequences for their actions. However, they tend to struggle in traditional adult support groups because they have trouble relating to the experience of adults.

In our support groups, young adults age 18-25 will meet peers who can support them in:

  • Staying sober
  • Developing emotional coping skills
  • Growing spiritually
  • Returning to college or developing a career path
  • Navigating their quest for independence
  • Moving out on their own

FullCircle’s young adult sobriety groups are most appropriate for

  • Young adults who need to disconnect from negative peers, but don’t have a supportive sober friend group to fall back on
  • Young adults who have completed an alcohol or drug treatment program and need support during their Aftercare process
  • Young adults who have drug problems but don’t necessarily need a traditional treatment program

How our sober groups for young adults work

All our young adult support groups include:

12-Step meetings for young adults

We hold two weekly 12 step meetings as part of our support groups. These meetings are centered around the unique experiences of young adults in recovery and cover topics such as managing emotions without drugs, maintaining sobriety while in college or the workplace, and service to others.

Weekend sober social events

Every week, our support groups get together on Friday and Saturday night for a range of sober social events designed to allow young people the space to form meaningful connections with each other. These events provide opportunities for young adults to build authentic relationships based on honesty, compassion, and service to others.

Family support

Drug use has a profound impact not only on the individual, but also on their loved ones. Every week, we offer support group meetings for the parents of the young people in our programs.

These support groups are designed to equip parents and family members with the knowledge and tools they need to support their child's sobriety journey, while also connecting them with other parents who share similar experiences and challenges.

Peer support staff

Our 12 step meetings and weekend events are all facilitated by our experienced peer support staff. Our staff are all in recovery themselves, and is available to provide guidance, relate to the experience of getting sober, and provide any necessary referrals to other community resources, if necessary.

Find a FullCircle teen support group in your area

If you wish to seek further information or to arrange a substance abuse evaluation with our staff, please do not hesitate to contact us using the links below: