How FullCircle's Substance Abuse Support Groups Work

Primarily, FullCircle operates a staff facilitated support group for young people and their parents. Support group meetings are held a minimum of two evenings a week for young people and weekly for parents. Meetings for teens/young adults are fun and enthusiastic, centered on topics, which address all areas of change: physical, emotional and spiritual. These meetings are tailored to be easily understood and applicable to young people specifically, addressing their needs.

Weekend sober social events

Weekends are designed for fun and fellowship. Often young people have a difficult time making friendships on a principled basis or finding friends that will support their new life of recovery.

The weekend activities exist to aid teens in forming relationships with their peers based on honesty, love for their fellow man and service to others. Both the support group and weekend activities help provide a safe place for young people to grow, overcome their substance use disorder, and learn to have fun without drugs.

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Parent support groups for families of substance users

Research shows that recovery support groups for young people are far more likely to be successful when parents also receive support.

Our focus is on family recovery and healing the relationships that get shattered when drug abuse or addictive behaviors enter a home. Parental support is essential to any young person's continued recovery.

Parents often encounter great misunderstanding from those outside the family and as a result don’t know whom to turn to for guidance. Parent support group meetings address the specific needs of parents of troubled teens and provide the resources and guidance parents need to be a part of the solution.

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