Giving Hope To Families Through Compassion, Enthusiasm And Love.

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About Full Circle

FullCircle is a ministry serving families with teens/young adults struggling with a range of issues that can challenge the very foundation of any household. Issues may include substance abuse, addictions such as gambling, pornography, depression, promiscuity, or eating disorders. This list is by no means exhaustive, and is not meant to be exclusive.

If you or someone you love is struggling, or you just have questions about a particular matter, we would like to help. Often conventional help, be it advice, therapy, or rehabilitation, while well intentioned, does not provide a spiritual solution and allows young people to slip through the cracks. While so often our children’s problems are emotional, the solutions are spiritual. This includes helping young men and women utilize the 12 Steps tailored to them as well as faith based principles and values.

Our aim is to provide a program that gives support to the entire family, responds to individual needs, affirms your strengths, and, above all, a program that will serve as a safety net so that our children will not fall through the cracks.

Our Programs operate currently in the Phoenix, AZ and Kansas City, Mo areas.