Sober Social Events for Teens and Young Adults

For young adults and teens recovering from substance abuse, the weekends can be especially challenging. That’s why we offer sober social activities every single weekend to the young people in our support groups.

Our sober social events are open to any of the teens (aged 13-17) or young adults (aged 18-25) actively participating in our substance abuse support groups in Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, and Kansas City.

These events are designed to help young people:

  • Fill the void of doing drugs on Friday and Saturday
  • Learn to have fun without drugs
  • Continue to develop new relationships with positive, sober peers

About our weekend sober social events

  • The details of our sober events vary from week to week, but most commonly they are held from 7:00-10:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • The time, place, and specifics of each event are announced each week during our weekly parent support group meetings.
  • All sober events are attended and facilitated by our trained peer support staff.

Recovery must be better than getting high!

For recovery to have a lasting impact, it must be better than getting high! This is core to our philosophy as an organization.

Young people struggle to find meaning after giving up drugs. For most of them, it means changing their entire peer group and everything they do for fun. This is a tall order!

The FullCircle program works to bridge that gap in everything we do – and one of the ways we do it is with our weekend sober social activities.

Examples of our sober social activities

  • Themed dances
  • Movie nights
  • Sports
  • Talent shows
  • Game nights
  • … and much more!

Additionally, every year we plan larger sober activities, such as:

  • Campouts
  • Beach trips
  • New Year’s Eve events

How to get involved

We invite new young people to “try out” a sober social event or two while they’re deciding whether or not to commit to begin the recovery journey. To learn the time, place, and details about a social event near you, please reach out to the FullCircle program in your area: