About the FullCircle Program Staff

For young people to truly have passion and commitment for their own recovery they need other young people who are able to model a sober and fun way of living. The FullCircle staff is selected for this exact purpose. They are dedicated to creating an attractive, genuine, entertaining and safe environment for the young people who attend FullCircle.

Staff members are all in 12-step recovery themselves and have experienced the process of getting sober as young people. This gives them a unique perspective and ability to meet those who attend FullCircle “where they are at” having been there themselves. These staff members have all attended and completed a specialized training program, where they are educated on all aspects of responding to this unique and vulnerable age group. They are also educated by the local Diocese on appropriate and healthy relationships with young people.

The staff demonstrates constant dedication to their own personal and spiritual growth in order to maintain their own sobriety, which enables them to be examples of sobriety to the young men and women who attend FullCircle. This enables the staff to be credible role models to the skeptical teenager who first comes into FullCircle.

We know that young people need strong examples of sober, principled living and we strive to demonstrate this not only in our interactions with FullCircle group members but in all our affairs.