What Services does the FullCircle Program Offer?

We can offer a wide array of services ranging from education and prevention to assessment, counseling and support, crisis intervention, referral to appropriate services, and follow-up care or after-care in a manner that respects your families’ values on a confidential basis.

The scope of these services will certainly not fulfill every need; in some cases, this may be no more than the first step in the journey of recovery. If your family is faced with issues such as these, we urge you to take this opportunity to assess your situation, clarify what is most important to you, and decide to make a start.

FullCircle also works with schools and can be an option if a school recommends counseling or other services to help a student who has been identified as needing assistance. FullCircle will let the school know what are the requirements for participation in the program and will inform the school when the student successfully completes the FullCircle program.

Additionally we also work with courts in helping young people fulfill a court’s requirement of participation in a counseling program.

FullCircle can also provide after-care services for young people who have completed other treatment or counseling programs. Often time teens are sent to programs outside their home area and upon return need additional support. FullCircle is willing to work with these young people as well.

Full Circle welcomes all families and young people who are committed to finding solutions to their problems. Full Circle does not discriminate based on race, religion, sex or national origin.