Drug Abuse Support Groups for Teens and Young Adults in Platte Woods, MO

North Kansas City FullCircle Program

Address: 7310 NW Prairie View Rd, Platte Woods, MO 64151
Phone: (816) 500-0299
Hours: Mon – Fri: 12pm to 6pm
Directions: Right off of I-29. Get off on NW 64th Street. Located on the west side of NW Prairie View Rd.


Drug and Alcohol support groups for young adults and teens

The FullCircle program offers substance abuse support groups for young adults and teens in the North Kansas City area. We approach the problem of substance use and high-risk behavior from a whole-family perspective, serving young people and their families with weekly support group meetings, sober social events, and individual appointments.

Our core philosophy is that in order for sobriety to take hold for a young person, it must be better than getting high! We help young people find a way of life that is fun and rewarding, with a new positive peer support group.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Platte Woods, Missouri. We serve young people and their families from all of the surrounding North Kansas City areas, including Liberty, Parkville, Hampton, Gladstone, Northmoor, and Riverside, MO.

Weekly Services

Benefits of the FullCircle Program’s Young Adult and Adolescent Support Groups

When young people quit drugs and alcohol, they commonly report that their greatest concern is they’ll no longer be able to enjoy life or have fun without getting high. Our no-cost programs are aimed specifically at addressing this issue, while providing emotional coping skills and a solid foundation in 12-step recovery principles.

Our drug and alcohol support groups for teens and young adults are suited perfectly for young people who need to:

  • Learn to have fun without drugs and alcohol
  • Disconnect from peers who use drugs
  • Develop new, lasting friendships with sober young people

Additionally, our young adult and teen recovery programs are extremely helpful for young people who are requiring:

  • A full-featured long-term aftercare program after a stay in an higher level of care or addiction treatment program
  • An adjunct to outside therapy for other mental health issues, substance use disorders, or co-occuring disorders from mental health professionals in the Platte Woods area

Adolescent recovery is a journey full of ups and downs. Our goal as a program is to provide young people with the best possible shot at maintaining sobriety in the long-term, while also helping their families gain tools to respond to their young person and deal with the stress and confusion they feel.

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Staff Contacts

If you know which staff member you would like to reach directly, use the contact information below:

Max Muller North Kansas City Program Director
Jake PollardLead Coordinator