Young Adult and Teen 12-Step Meetings

In the world of 12-step programs, meetings are a central element for individuals recovering from substance use disorders, mental health problems, or other issues. All of FullCircle’s support groups hold 12-step meetings twice per week, specifically designed to allow young adults and teens the chance to be themselves, connect with each other, develop a concept of a higher power, and grow in their understanding of the 12-steps.

Our 12-Step meetings are open to teens (aged 13-17) and young adults (aged 18-25) who are actively participating in our substance abuse support groups across the country.

About our teen 12 step group meetings

  • 12-Step program meetings for teens and young adults are held at least twice a week (dates and times vary by location)
  • One night per week, the 12-step meeting is held at the same time as the weekly parent support group meeting
  • Meeting topics center on issues that teens and young adults face in their recovery journey, as well as spiritual tools to be successful
  • All 12-Step meetings are attended and facilitated by our trained peer support staff

FullCircle’s newcomer program

It’s common to feel intimidated before attending a support group meeting for the first time. Additionally, young people are typically dealing with overwhelming peer pressure to continue their drug abuse from social media and their current group of friends.

Our 12-step programs are designed with a built-in “newcomer” component to address this issue.

For the first eight weeks of involvement in The FullCircle Program, newcomers are encouraged to attend their own “newcomer” meeting. This meeting is facilitated by a FullCircle staff member, and the discussions center on early recovery and addressing the challenges of getting sober as a young person.

Whether the young person is trying to sober up, or has recently come out of a treatment program, this newcomer meeting is a great source of support and information for young people to get started on their journey toward lasting sobriety.

Why check out The FullCircle Program’s teen 12-step groups?

In our 12-step meetings, our primary goal is to create an environment that encourages openness, accountability, and peer connection. The discussions in our young adult / teen 12-step meetings help develop positive tools for young people in recovery.

Often, the young people in our support groups describe the meetings as a highlight of their week. It’s a time where they get to be social, communicate how they are doing, and receive feedback from their peers.

It’s also a time to have fun, decompress, and focus on enjoying their recovery. After all, we know that in order for sobriety to stick, it has to be better than getting high!

Meetings are a great opportunity to connect

After the meeting closes, we open the coffee shop for an additional hour and a half to allow participants the opportunity to:

  • Connect with each other to help develop positive relationships
  • Time to connect with their 12-step sponsors
  • They can connect with the staff
  • Additionally, there’s time to just have fun with each other and play games

Meeting young people’s social and emotional needs is critical in their sobriety and happiness, and providing extra opportunities after the meetings is one way that we work to fulfill our philosophy as an organization!

Find a Young Adult / Teen 12-step group in your area

The FullCircle Program is a 12-step program for teens and young adults; our services include meetings, sober social events, individual counseling, and our parent support group.

If you’ve got questions, or would like to attend one of our young adult / teen 12-step groups, please reach out to the FullCircle Program location nearest to you: