FullCircle® Parents

For parents or guardians of a teenager or young adult with substance abuse issues or other self-defeating behavior, little can be said to ease the anxiety parents feel regarding their child. However, we encourage you to view our testimonials page to see if the stories there may offer you some hope.

Full Circle Testimonial - A Parent’s Journey

Full Circle Testimonial - A Parent’s Journey 2

Full Circle Testimonial - The Parents’ Journey (Wink and Michelle)

For parents whose children attend the FullCircle support group, we offer weekly family support meetings also staff members are available for appointments to assist families in identifying and resolving problems. The Parent Group meetings are lead by other parents who have been through similar issues with their young person and have gained tools to help them cope and to heal their families.

These meetings offer support for the parent who is searching for solutions for their child and provide an avenue to gain tools to respond to their child’s needs. We find that in dealing with the problems that arise from a child abusing mind-changing chemicals nothing is more useful than sharing our common experiences and the experiences of other parents.

The solutions we have found have healed many families and helped may parents find peace in this difficult situation. Most of all, every parent whose child suffers wants to help them stop hurting. We believe we have found a solution to the roller coaster ride of substance abuse and other self-destructive behaviors.