Enthusiastic Sobriety

FullCircle is centered around the Enthusiastic Sobriety Philosophy: the idea that young people will stop their self-destructive behavior only if they are offered an alternative that is both fun and fulfilling.

Young people often claim that the reason they used drugs or alcohol in the first place is that it seemed liked fun. Therefore any lifestyle without drugs and alcohol has to be more attractive than a life of drug or alcohol use. For a young person to gain sobriety and happiness, meeting their social and emotional needs is critical.

We provide an outlet for teenagers to be themselves while gaining tools to achieve a sober foundation to build upon throughout their life. The goals of enthusiastic sobriety are to allow a young person to remain true to themselves while improving their self-worth and interpersonal relationship skills. This is attained by providing young and enthusiastic counseling staff who are available to the members of the group for counseling and guidance at all events, social functions every weekend, a minimum of two individual meeting per week and an atmosphere of caring support and fun.